Our Approach

Every Orange County, California website design, social media and online marketing campaign we launch starts with a dream - your dream. And the first thing we do to discover that dream is listen to you. We want to hear about your company, your goals and your expectations. Once we understand what you are looking for in a website design and online marketing plan, we discuss your available options and together with you become a team to make your website design a reality. Call now for your free consultation with your Orange County Website Designer.

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Our Story

The team at Anaheim Digital Marketing have been providing digital marketing solutions since 1998. We bring cutting-edge thinking, creative execution and professional excellence to every website we design. We always invest our full attention to understanding your online marketing needs to the fullest. Contact Anaheim Digital Marketing today for your free consultation. Experience one of the best web designers in Orange County, Southern California.

Phone +1-714-391-1535.

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Heather Hughey

Founder & CEO

We believe digital marketing campaigns need to ignite emotion in order to spark action, and that's why we strive to make every web design and online marketing campaign completely human, regardless of the digital means that we use to promote it. With over 20 years experience in designing websites and online marketing solutions, Heather is a website designer who knows the importance of working with each individual business in order to achieve the best possible outcome for their success.

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